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The Constellation Forum

Thursday, October 5, 2023

9:00 am ET

Welcome to the Constellation Forum 2023: Healthcare Past the Tipping Point

Healthcare is approaching a scientific and technological tipping point, poised to cross into the age of supercomputing and artificial intelligence. As the sun rises on a new and improved era of healthcare, how do we maximize the emerging opportunities before us, manage the potential pitfalls along the way, and always ensure our tech-enabled approaches to innovation and care remain patient centric?

Michael Dowling, President and Chief Executive Officer, Northwell Health

9:10 am ET

Introduction by Master of Ceremonies

David Battinelli, MD, EVP and Physician-In-Chief, Northwell Health

9:15 am ET

The Power of Partnerships

As we enter a new era in healthcare, with technology and innovation at the forefront, a cross-sector, all-hands approach will be critical to ensuring success. Our opening address will highlight how unique partnerships, innovative thinking, taking bold steps, and a bias towards action will power the future of healthcare.

Chelsea Clinton, DPHIL, MPH, Vice Chair, The Clinton Foundation; Vice Chair, Clinton Health Access Initiative
Moderator: Jill Kalman, MD, EVP; Chief Medical Officer; Deputy Physician-in-Chief; Professor of Cardiology, Northwell Health

9:35 am ET

The Catalyst of Innovation: The Rise of Supercomputers & AI

Supercomputing technology continues to advance, unlocking Artificial Intelligence and Big Data-driven tools to revolutionize healthcare research, diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. But while immense computational power is laying the foundation for a new realm of possibilities in healthcare, the successful integration of these technologies requires addressing challenges related to privacy, security, scalability, reliability, and collaboration among stakeholders. The new frontier of healthcare technology is upon us — but as with any novel approach, how do we mitigate the risks while maximizing the rewards?

Justin Hotard, EVP and General Manager, High Performance Computing, AI and Labs, HPE
Samuel Rodriques, Founder, Applied Biotech Lab, Francis Crick Institute
Moderator: Mark Michalski, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Ascertain

10:00 am ET

Imagine a World...

How integrating advanced AI-based tools into the MedTech landscape will open the floodgates of possibilities: robot-enabled treatment, digital-performed surgery, AI-supported doctor training, personalized care at-scale, and the democratization of care.

Geoff Martha, Chief Executive Officer, Medtronic

10:10 am ET

Morning Coffee Break & Networking

During the in-person break, virtual attendees are welcome to click here to learn more about Northwell Health.

10:30 am ET

Introduction to Session #2

David Battinelli, MD, EVP and Physician-In-Chief, Northwell Health

10:40 am ET

Applied Innovation: Tackling our Most Engrained Problems

Across prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research, development of therapeutics, and the entire life-cycle of healthcare, how can new technologies be applied to common and engrained challenges that have been plaguing humans for generations — with cancer being the most prominent foe to overcome?

Andy Moye, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Paige.AI
Daisy Wolf, Investment Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Richard Barakat, MD, Physician-in-Chief and Executive Director, Cancer Services and Research, Northwell Health
Katie Couric, Award-Winning Journalist and Founder, Katie Couric Media

11:05 am ET

The Virtual Human

For years, the concept of a Digital Biological Twin — otherwise known as the Virtual Human — has been no more than a theory. Now, as science and technology have exponentially improved, the theoretical is ready for practical application. What does this Virtual Human technology mean for the future of healthcare, what are the short and long term impacts, and what opportunities lie ahead?

Professor Peter Coveney, Director, Centre for Computational Science, University College London
Eric Stahlberg, PhD, Director, Cancer Data Science Initiatives, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, NIH
Kerstin Kleese van Dam, Director, Computational Science Initiative, Brookhaven National Lab
Moderator: Bob Coughlin, Managing Director, Life Science and Healthcare, JLL

11:30 am ET

Healthcare on the Horizon

This Keynote Interview will explore how leaders in the pharmaceutical industry are thinking about an AI-enabled future, and what is on the horizon as we adopt and deploy game-changing innovation.

David Ricks, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Eli Lilly
Moderator: Tara Narula, MD, Medical Contributor, NBC

11:55 am ET

Lunch & Networking

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1:00 pm ET

Introduction to Session #3

David Battinelli, MD, EVP and Physician-In-Chief, Northwell Health

1:10 pm ET

Upending the Models: How Will the Industry Adapt?

This conversation will explore the oncoming disruption to the technological foundations and operational models of healthcare. How will this new era upend our healthcare administration? Can our backend systems adapt on the fly to manage the future of data collection, sharing, and AI? How will we handle the newly tech-enabled operations of healthcare? 

LaShonda Anderson-Williams, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Global Healthcare and Life Sciences, Salesforce
James Ellzy, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Federal, Oracle
Moderator: Jeff Kraut, EVP, Strategy and Analytics, Northwell Health

1:35 pm ET

Women's Health Access

Carolee Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WHAM

1:40 pm ET

Equity, Ethics and Navigating the New Frontier

This eye-opening discussion will preview some of the ethical and social concerns of AI in healthcare as we approach the quarter-century mark. Will AI democratize healthcare, or will it serve only to increase divides? What are the security, privacy, and political concerns as we manage the digitization of records and mass amounts of patient data? Can government and regulators keep pace with the speed of technological change, and what are the inherent risks if they fall behind? And through all of this, can we expect greater cultural and political cohesion… or further erosion of our social fabric?

Malcolm Byrd, Pastor, Chief of Protocol, Mother AME Zion Church
Paul Root Wolpe, PhD, Director, Center for Ethics, Emory University
Moderator: Debbie Salas-Lopez, MD, MPH, SVP, Community and Population Health, Northwell Health

2:00 pm ET

Coffee and Conversations: Interactive Roundtable Discussions

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3:00 pm ET

Introduction to Session #4

David Battinelli, MD, EVP and Physician-In-Chief, Northwell Health

3:05 pm ET

Taking a Humanity-First Approach

In a new world of healthcare where computers are front and center, how we do solve for the human experience? Will patients be comfortable with AI-enabled doctors and tech-driven approaches to care? Will doctors be comfortable with updated workplace procedures and adapting to new consumer expectations? How are we ensuring compassionate and empathetic medical care and advice, and a human-centered patient experience and standard of care, as we trend more and more towards tech-based decision making? And what can we learn from other sectors and industries that have already encountered this technological disruption, yet have kept the customer at the center of everything they do?

Jason Gorevic, Chief Executive Officer, Teladoc
Stanley Bergman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Schein
Kelvin Baggett, Managing Director, Head of Patient Impact and Chair of the EMPIRIC Institute, Patient Square Capital
Moderator: David Battinelli, MD, EVP and Physician-In-Chief, Northwell Health

3:30 pm ET

How Far We've Come, How Far We'll Go

As we cross the tipping point into a new future of healthcare, and look towards what’s ahead, this talk will look back on how far we have come, how we have continued to leverage existing and new tech to deliver innovative treatments, improve our clinical studies and R&D, and to help our patients.

Kevin Tracey, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer; Feinstein Institutes of Medical Research; EVP, Research, Northwell Health

3:40 pm ET

A First-Hand Perspective

Keith Thomas, Clinical Trial Participant, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Northwell Health
Chad Bouton, Professor, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research; VP, Advanced Engineering, Northwell Health

3:45 pm ET

Closing Remarks & Rallying Cry

Kevin Tracey, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer; Feinstein Institutes of Medical Research; EVP, Research, Northwell Health