2022 Agenda

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The Constellation Forum 2022 | Global Thought-Leadership Event

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

5:00 pm ET

C-Suite Executive Networking (In-Person in New York City)

Thursday, October 20, 2022

11:00 am ET

Welcome to the Constellation Forum 2022: Healthcare in a World of Change

From geopolitical conflict, population demographics, climate change, and other global and national trends, to upstream social determinants causing downstream outcome disparities, from newfound patient expectations in the wake of digital-first lifestyle shifts, to fresh thinking and approaches to solving big Covid-like problems quickly — the world around us is evolving faster than ever. Join us as we explore how industry titans, scientific leaders, and game-changing innovators are navigating Healthcare in a World of Change.

11:05 am ET

Introduction by Master of Ceremonies

11:10 am ET

Global Trends, Local Insights, and the Future of Healthcare Innovation

To set the stage for the day, this opening panel will highlight how healthcare innovation is responding to meet the changing needs of our population across major developments on the global and national stage — whether geopolitical conflict, demographic shifts, global warming, racial disparities, and more — and how local communities are grappling with these challenges here at home.

11:30 am ET

Build, Buy, or Partner: Strategies for Integrating New Technologies into 21st Century Care

Artificial Intelligence, tele-health, and other new technologies are allowing healthcare to adapt to the changing lifestyles and digital-first expectations of patients and consumers. But what is the best business approach for the healthcare industry to deliver on this new tech-enabled patient experience?

11:50 am ET

Scaling the Inevitable Future

Progress in healthcare innovation is not always a question of invention; sometimes, the tools and tech are already at our fingertips. What are the barriers to wide scale adoption of interventions and medicines that can be life changing, but have yet to penetrate markets at-scale?

12:10 pm ET

New Solutions to Engrained Problems

The Covid emergency stretched our scientific, regulatory, business, and clinical abilities to work and innovate and solve problems at breakneck speed — the likes of which healthcare has not seen before. What learnings are here to stay, and can any best-practices and successes from this experience be applied to other long standing health care issues?

12:30 pm ET

Keynote Interview: Healthcare in a Wold of Change

This keynote interview will highlight how far we have come, and how far we have yet to go, to ensure a healthier future for a global population.

12:50 pm ET

The Patient Story: Why We're Here

Highlighting the human side of our work, and why we are motivated to continue pushing for progress in healthcare innovation.

1:30 pm ET

Looking Forward